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This will be your athletic summer!

Small wheels – big goals! Use the summer for your own inline training and reward yourself at the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON Inline Skating. On September 15, the city will be at your feet and the stage for your athletic summer highlight. Four months are plenty of time to prepare. And best of all, you do not have to do it on your own. Take a look at our diverse offers before and during the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON. In addition, skaters can already secure an entry into the 2019 runners marathon as part of the "Skate to Run" campaign!

1. Welcome discount for newbies
2. You don't have to do it on your own!
3. A pit stop at the fastest night in Berlin
4. "Skate to run" – Skate yourself fit
5. What do a hot dog, a wrestler and 42 km have in common?

Welcome discount for newbies

With the “Come on and join me” promotion, the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON becomes a joint challenge that is really worth it. Race together at the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON Inline Skating and profit from the welcome bonus for marathon newbies. All inline skaters who have never participated in the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON Inline Skating can register at half price if they sign up together with someone who has already participated. Additional information is available here.


You don't have to do it on your own! The Experts Marathon Guides will help you

If you would rather experience the challenge of the marathon in a group rather than on your own, the Experts Marathon Guides are perfect for you. You can get the drafting you want to help carry you easily to the finish, helping you reach your new personal best. The Expert Marathon Guides will accompany you along the course, give you tips to take advantage of drafting, and always keep an eye on the time. Additional information for the guiding service is available here.


A pit stop at the fastest night in Berlin

If you want to test your condition during summer, come be part of the fastest night in Berlin at the adidas Runners City Night Inline Skating on July 28, where the motto is “No Speed Limit on the Ku’damm.” Berlin’s most popular shopping boulevard offers the perfect stage for newbies, skaters with high ambitions, as well as kids on a sporty summer evening in the centre of the capital. Cheered on by thousands of spectators, you can either make your wheels glow on the asphalt or have a relaxed skate without any competitive pressure. Sometimes you can learn more in a competition that you do in training, so just come and have fun. Additional information is available here.


"Skate to Run" – Skate yourself fit

The times are long gone when you had to decide to be either a runner or a skater. More and more endurance athletes are looking for variety in their training. Since inline skating provides perfect full body training that is good for runners too, our motto this year again is “Skate to Run – Inline Skating makes you a better runner.”

If you were looking for the great challenge of the marathon but were not able to get a spot in the 2018 BMW BERLIN-MARATHON as a runner, you can still get fit and compete on your skates and in doing so secure a spot for the 2019 BMW BERLIN-MARATHON! More information is available on our website.


What do a hot dog, a wrestler and 42 km have in common?

A message from Guinness World Records:

Record potential! We see them again and again, the colorfully disguised combatants on the race track, who don't seem to be satisfied with normal skating gear. From fancy dresses as various foodstuffs to animals and well-known cartoon characters, everything is included – for the special pleasure of the audience, which cheers particularly loud when those skaters pass by. Many people just do it for fun, but some of them aim for ambitious goals with their costumes: a Guinness World Records title. Guinness World Records provides fun skaters with the chance to become #officiallyamazing at the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON Inline Skating. Register until May 31!

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