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Training Countdown for the 2018 BMW BERLIN-MARATHON

With almost 12 weeks to go until the 2018 BMW BERLIN-MARATHON it is about time to get fit for covering the distance on race day. The final 12 weeks of training before the marathon are dedicated to the specific marathon preparation. Now it is time to set special accents to your training to ensure that the most important training elements for preparing for a marathon have been carried out before you set out on the 42.195 km through Berlin. The SMS Medical Institute of the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON is offering tips and training schedules for all levels of ability, so the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON will be an unforgettable experience for everyone!


1. We want you to be healthy and fit for the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON
2. Training tipps from Uta Pippig
3. Tour operators and charity partners still have a few entries left
4. Attention Abbott World Marathon Majors Six Stars Finishers
5. Run to rise with adidas
6. Perfect regeneration with ERDINGER Alkoholfrei
7. Test the official race nutrition of ultraSPORTS
8. Fundraise for a cause with realbuzz
9. Guinness World Record breaking at the 2018 BMW Berlin Marathon
10. Boosting your training with the right nutrition


We want you to be healthy and fit for the 2018 BMW BERLIN-MARATHON

We want you to start and finish the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON in a healthy condition. Therefor we ask you to take part in a pre-participating health check carried out by an experienced sports physician (sports doctor). Diseases and health risks due to physical activity and sports could be detected by such a screening test. The health check should include a stress ECG (electro cardiogram) and an orthopedic and internal examination. If you are over 40 such a check should be carried out once a year. Until the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON Marathon you still have the chance to implement the pre-participation check.

Blood check: Do you have iron or electrolyte deficiencies?

Deficiencies of iron and electrolytes could decrease your performance and could make your preparation difficult. At this time there is a good opportunity to check your iron and electrolyte status. The analysis of the iron stores should include a blood count and the analysis of ferritin. Important electrolytes are Potassium and Magnesium. If a deficiency is diagnosed, there is enough time to start a substitution.

Fluid check: How much should you drink?

Dehydration can decrease your performance in a marathon. In rare cases too much drinking can even cause health problems. Therefor it is important to know your individual fluid loss. An easy possibility to estimate the fluid loss is the measurement of your body weight before and after training without clothes and in a toweled status. By the difference of the body weight one can estimate the amount of fluid loss, which could be calculated for one hour running. Drinking during running should be practiced. Therefor plan and practice fluid uptake during your training sessions.

Take a break when ill, injured or exhausted

The critical preparation stage for the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON is about to begin. Due to the increasing training amount often infections, injuries and states of exhaustions occur. To not put your health at risk, we recommend you to have the courage for a break until illness and injuries are cured. Also when you suffer from exhaustion take a few days off to continue your training in a recovered status. If you have ongoing health problems contact your sports physician (sports doctor).


Marathon training tips from Uta Pippig

While training schedules can provide good orientation for a sensibly structured marathon preparation, there is no master plan. The training advices of marathon champion Uta Pippig will help you through the last 12 weeks of preparation. The 3 time Boston and BERLIN-MARATHON winner has joined our team of experts and gives advice for all runners.


Tour operators and charity partners have a few entries left

There are a few entries for the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON left with official tour operators and charity partners.


Attention Abbott World Marathon Majors Six Stars FInishers

If our 2018 BMW BERLIN-MARATHON event will be your sixth AbbottWMM race, please tell our AbbottWMM friends so they can award you with the special Six Star Finisher medal at the ​Berlin finish line! Please send an email to​​​​ ​to learn more.


Run to rise

A message from adidas:

Are you exploring all corners of your city during your marathon training and nothing can stop you? Then you should try the new SolarBOOST. Each runner is capable to grow beyond their borders and own goals. Discover the new SolarBOOST - ultimate power and a highly responsive midsole made to energize your run from the ground up. Solar empowers you to build a life-changing routine that gives you the confidence to achieve anything. It supports all runners on their journey by building confidence through the right product, mindset and culture. Experience it yourself. Here is your way to the perfect marathon preparation with the new SolarBOOST.


Perfect regeneration

A message from ERDINGER Alkoholfrei:

Three months to go until the 45th BMW BERLIN-MARATHON – experienced runners know that regeneration breaks during the preparation phase are just as important as the training sessions themselves. A beautifully chilled ERDINGER Alkoholfrei directly after training is definitely recommended. And athletes can look forward to the race in September. As a loyal supporter of endurance sports, the isotonic thirst-quencher ERDINGER Alkoholfrei will be at the line to greet finishers and reward them for their personal performance.


Test the official race nutrition of ultraSPORTS

A message from ultraSPORTS:

As the official sports nutrition partner of the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON, we will be supplying you with your energy. In order to give you the opportunity to test our products during training, we have put together an attractive Berlin test package that you can order directly from us.
On Wednesday 28th June, we will be providing you with a live webinar by Dr Wolfgang Feil, the brain behind ultraSPORTS and consultant to many professional endurance athletes. Here you will learn how the right nutrition can increase your training success. Tune in to the live webinar on the 28/06/18 shortly before 9 pm CEST (in English).


Fundraise for a cause

A message from realbuzz:

Make your BMW BERLIN-MARATHON experience even more memorable by using your place to fundraise for a cause close to your heart. Visit the official Charity Listings to view a range of UK and international charities you can raise money for - your support will mean the world to them. Or, if you’re still not in the race, these charities still have places in the 2018 BMW BERLIN-MARATHON available for fundraisers! SIGN UP NOW.


Guinness World Record breaking at hte 2018 BMW BERLIN-MARATHON

A message from Guinness World Records:

Only three months left till race day or with other words: time to get in shape. While most runners are now beginning with their intense training phase, a few contestants will have to do more than just perfect their pace and running skills. About a dozen bold runners from Germany, Spain, India, UK, Italy and USA decided to add a unique element to their marathon experience and applied for a Guinness World Records title attempt. Are you now wondering what record breaking during a marathon looks like? Let us introduce you to last years’ record holders, who finished the 42.195 km wearing a fancy dress.


Boosting yout training with the right nutrition

A message from Dr. Feil:

Your diet is a decisive factor in determining how effective your training is. There is huge potential through nutrition that you just need to awaken. Now, exclusively for the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON, Dr Feil will be sending out regular newsletters. Here you will receive the latest in nutrition and tips that Dr Wolfgang Feil uses with his professional endurance athletes to naturally improve their performance. Simply subscribe to the newsletters by sending an email to and give your training success the ultimate boost.

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