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Last chance to register

OK, it is time to get going! If you have not yet registered, you have until August 29 to sign up for the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON. Be there for the main highlight of the season on September 28, 2019, together with around 5,000 skaters from all over the world. You can’t get more skating than this!

Our preparations are already in full swing. The intense phase should be underway for you, too! We will keep you updated regularly in the coming weeks with our newsletter, on our website, and on Facebook and Instagram with all the important dates, offers and promotions. Use these beautiful summer days to get moving with a few relaxed training kilometers.

Stay fit – we will see you in Berlin!


1. Last chance to register
2. Tips from the world champion
3. The Rollnacht Dusseldorf motivation team
4. Screening the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON
5. With BOOST to the finish line
6. Safety, comfort and driving pleasure with Giti Tires
7. Mentally prepared for a refreshingly strong finish with ERDINGER Alkoholfrei
8. Get more out of your training with ultraSPORTS
9. 16 Guinness World Records attempts
10. Hotel rooms at the marathon weekend


Last chance to register

You have until Thursday, August 29 to register for the race on September 28. Marathon newbies can benefit from a very special welcome discount. More information and the link to registration can be found on our website.


Tips from the world champion

A message from Rollerblade®:

Improving your technique as a speed skater lends to more confident and faster skating in general. In this video, eight-time World Champion and Rollerblade® World Team rider Ewen Fernandez shares some basic tips for beginners. For example, the basic skating body position for better aerodynamics.


The rollnacht Dusseldorf motivation team will carry you to the finish

For the majority of the participants, the main focus is on having fun skating and enjoying a trip to Berlin. And that's great! That's why the motivational squad of Rollnacht Düsseldorf returns this year, ensuring that the skaters at the back of the field can finish within a time of 2:30 hours. The skate ambassadors from Dusseldorf spread good vibes and bring lots of fun to those just ahead of the broom wagon to motivate all who are dealing with exhausted legs.

If you want to meet the skate ambassadors beforehand, you can join the last skate night of the season on Thursday, August 29, in Dusseldorf.



Our official app brings you closer to our race. Equipped with valuable information and great features it’s the most useful tool to get ready for the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON’s unique atmosphere. When starting the app for the first time, you select if you are participating or visiting the event. You are greeted by a dashboard that displays the most important features. Throughout the year, this display adapt whatever feature becomes more relevant at that time. Several #berlin42 tools entertain and help you preparing for the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON. The #berlin42 Cam adds marathon themes to your photos to show that you're part of the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON community. Share your #berlin42 pic on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & more and get your friends involved. In the weeks leading to the marathon, more designs will be added for your choice. Besides, you can browse the detailed event calendar to check where and when the magic happens and save your favorite bits. An interactive course map shows all the hot spots along the 42-K-course. You also find detailed information about the MARATHON EXPO. Until race day, we will be doing further updates to implement more features, e.g. leaderboards, expo maps and other services will be added.


With BOOST to the finish line!

A message from adidas:

Running is your passion and you’ve shown the ambition and determination to constantly redefine, push and break through your boundaries. Now, it’s time to make sure your equipment matches your performance. Only then will you take the next hurdle successfully: the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON 2019. With the UltraBOOST 19 you regain maximum energy with every step you run, using the extra power to extend your mileage. That’s because the UB19 is made for maximum energy recovery, no matter the distance or the time you’re hoping to run. Get the UB19 now and prepare yourself perfectly for the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON 2019. For more information, visit:


Safety, comfort and driving pleasure

A message from Giti Tire:

The attributes of sportiness and durability belong to our main priorities. With over 60 years experience, Giti Tire is the choice for sporting success and safety on the road. In our European development center in Hannover we produce tires that have been tried and tested on the race track and have received numerous international awards as well as a TÜV certificate with the highest possible marks. Hop in, hold tight and and experience safety, comfort and driving pleasure with Giti Tire.


Mentally prepared for a refreshingly strong finish

A message from ERDINGER Alkoholfrei:

The prospect of a deliciously chilled ERDINGER Alkoholfrei as a reward for completing 42.195 km is already a huge motivation. When it comes to realizing your marathon dream, however, you also need a healthy slice of mental strength. In ERDINGER Alkoholfrei’s Active Blog, our experts will let you into the secret of how to prepare mentally for the challenges of the race.


Get more out of your training

A message from ultraSPORTS:

Do you want to get even more out of your workouts? Do you want an injury to cure quicker or avoid it in the first place? Or are you still trying to figure out which marathon nutrition works best for you? We have put together a lot of valuable tips and insights from current research on our exclusive Berlin pages. With this, you will get the most out of your final training weeks and your BMW BERLIN MARATHON. Get your knowledge edge and don’t forget to grab one of those official Berlin test boxes.


16 Guinness World Records attempts

16 Guinness World Records (GWR) attempts will take place at this year’s BMW BERLIN-MARATHON, making it the most popular year to date and hopeful record holders will be travelling to Berlin from around the world for the occasion. Records being attempted range from the Fastest marathon backwards on inline skates to the Fastest marathon dribbling two basketballs and an official Adjudicator will be on hand at the finish line to confirm successful runners as GWR title holders. Have a look.


Hotel rooms at the marathon weekend

Once again this year, we have reserved a block of rooms at special rates at various hotels in Berlin for participants in the 2019 BMW BERLIN-MARATHON. If you are looking for accommodations for the marathon weekend, click here. You can check out all of the available rooms and then book your accommodations either by phone or book your room online. Important: To get the special rates, be sure to use the key word: "SCC EVENTS".

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