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The intense phase has begun

Our preparations are in full swing – and it is ok for you to start accelerating again, too. Build a few short sprints into your training, and let the wheels glow once in a while. Then you will be perfectly prepared for your big day. Of course, always wear a helmet – helmets are absolutely obligatory at the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON!

As always, we are looking forward to seeing you two days before the race at the MARATHON EXPO. Starting September 26, the hangars at the former Tempelhof Airport will be the place to be. There is a lot going on all marathon weekend. Find out for yourself – we'll keep you informed about all the important dates, offers and promotions.

Have fun with your preparations – see you in Berlin!


1. Pick up your race documents IN PERSON!
2. Pick up your race documents as EARLY as possible!
3. Literature Marathon on September 22
4. Macroblade 110 3WD skates for the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON
5. Keep pushing your limits with the adidas Runners
6. Racing toward a healthy finish with Abbott
7. Refreshing enjoyment for training breaks with ERDINGER Alkoholfrei
8. Finalizing your fuelling for race day with ultraSPORTS
9. Run and skate for a reason with realbuzz
10. Optimize your breathing technique with Runtastic
11. The new media partner
12. Let' have a Party!


Pick up your race documents IN PERSON!

Each participant must personally pick up his race documents at the MARATHON EXPO in the hangars of the former Tempelhof Airport. The fair opens on Thursday, September 26th at  2 pm and closes at 7 pm on Saturday, Sept. 28th. The bib number pick-up for inline skaters closes on Saturday noon. Please note the following important info:
  1. The race documents must be picked up by each participant IN PERSON; it is not possible to pick up the race kits for groups or with power of attorney.
  2. You must present your start pass as well as a photo ID (identity card, passport, driver’s license).
  3. You will receive a soft wristband when you pick up your bib number that you must have to enter the start area on the day of the event. Please only remove this access wristband after leaving the finish area. The durable, comfortable material also makes the band a nice memento.
  4. Transferring a bib number will lead to disqualification!

Pick up your race documents as EARLY as possible!

The greatest number of participants tend to pick up their race documents on Saturday between 11 am and 2 pm. Save your legs and nerves and avoid this time window. Those who come to the MARATHON EXPO on Thursday or Friday can avoid the lines and can shop in peace at the fair.


Literature Marathon on September 22

Traditionally, the Marathon Week is launched with the Literature Marathon. Join us for the 31st Literature Marathon in the Kunstfabrik “Schlot” on Sunday, Sept. 22, starting at 5 pm in Berlin-Mitte, Invalidenstraße 117. The following authors will be reading from their works, fresh from the press, on running in general and especially about the marathon: Andrea Löw, Dieter Franke and Uwe Prieser.


Macroblade 110 3WD skates for the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON

A message from Rollerblade®:

Macroblade 110 3WD is one of the fastest skates with superior lateral support to release one's inner racer. This skate is a great bridge product between the race and recreational skate worlds. It has optimal support, speed, comfort and stability. High end components, 3WD frames, knit uppers and a very secure closure system with speed lacing make this a stylish, great choice for someone serious about skating but does not want a lower profile race boot. Brake is in the box.


Keep pushing your limits

A message from adidas:

Are you already preparing intensely for the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON? But perhaps sometimes you feel that you're lacking that little extra drive to keep pushing your limits over and over again? If your personal development is just as important to you as achieving that new personal best, then adidas Runners is the community for you. Together with a group of like-minded runners and coaches you will redefine your limits and train towards better and better performance. Master your runs with the community and join a global movement. For more informations, click here:


Racing toward a healthy finish

A message from Abbott:

The final countdown is on! Your big race is just days away. You have trained tirelessly. You are ready. At Abbott, we celebrate what people can achieve when they’re at their healthiest. We create life-changing technologies in diagnostics, medical devices and nutrition to help people live longer and better through good health.Good luck on race day. We’ll be cheering for you!


Refreshing enjoyment for training breaks

A message from ERDINGER Alkoholfrei:

Rest periods for the body are an important factor when preparing for any event – and of course when training for the 46th BMW BERLIN-MARATHON. Our tip: a deliciously refreshing ERDINGER Alkoholfrei is the perfect way to start the regeneration phase after every training session. In ERDINGER Alkoholfrei’s Active Blog, the professional athletes and experts of Team ERDINGER Alkoholfrei explain the principle of exertion and regeneration in training.


Finalizing your fuelling for race day

A message from ultraSPORTS:

So what should you eat during the last week and on the morning of your BMW BERLIN- MARATHON in order to be top fit at the start line and get through the race energized? Marathon professional Philipp Pflieger and nutrition expert Dr. Wolfgang Feil recently discussed these topics during a live talk worth to be seen. If you haven’t yet, you should definitely watch the recording. One of the main tips: Have your own official test box ready for the race. Check out the video to find out why.


Run or skate for a reason

A message from realbuzz:

Be one of the first people to reserve a race entry in the 2020 BMW BERLIN-MARATHON by running or skating for one of our official partner charities. Fundraisers receive a guaranteed place, and don’t need to apply for the runner's race entry drawing. Visit the official charity listings below to find out how you can secure your entry and support a cause close to your heart.
Find your charity entry today at


Optimize your breathing technique

A message from runtastic:

“You know that feeling, when you’re running, and suddenly get one of those side stitches that you can’t manage to get rid of? One possible reason for those pains could be inefficient, or even incorrect breathing technique. Find out how you can optimize your breathing technique so you can improve your running performance.


The new media partner

A message from Tagesspiegel: 

The race results of the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON will be published exclusively in a special supplement in the newspaper Tagesspiegel directly after the event on Monday, September 30. The supplement is also available online as e-paper at

Der Tagesspiegel is the leading medium in Germany’s capital Berlin.
It has the largest circulation of any newspaper in the capital region and the highest number of online visits in the news section in Berlin with more than 10 years of growing market share. It is one of the most cited newspapers in Germany and reaches more political decision-makers than all national newspapers together. The paper’s Latin motto “Rerum cognoscere causas” (“To get to the bottom of things”) emphasizes its independent, liberal position. The Tagesspiegel is part of the D. v. Holtzbrinck publishing group, just like DIE ZEIT, Handelsblatt and Wirtschaftswoche.


Let's have a Party!

You are still fit and in party mood? The party is the best opportunity for the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON Community and their friends to celebrate and indulge in a successful raceday. The best athletes will be present and join the celebrations. A party voucher for free entry is included in the participant information booklet (please take it with you!). Tickets for friends and family can be purchased on-site (6 Euros). When: September 28, 2019 from 9:00 p.m. – where: KOSMOS, Karl-Marx-Allee 131A, 10243 Berlin.

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