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Last tips: Berlin, Berlin - now it´s time for the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON

We’re ready to go! The course is set, the blue line has been painted! Berlin is waiting with open arms for the participants of the 46th BMW BERLIN-MARATHON. Here are a few final tips to make the final days before the marathon, your journey here, the race weekend and, finally, the finish a success. 


1. Welcome to the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON
2. Race kit pick-up
3. Poncho or clothing drop off
4. For enviromental protection, all help is welcome
5. The supporting programme
6. Interactive map
7. Your Finish Time Powered by BMW
8. Grab it. Drink it. Return it.
9. Boost motivation with Giti Tire
10. 5 Tips to Plan Your Race Recovery Early
11. PowerZone: pick-me-up for tired legs
12. 5 Well-Known Runner´s Problems: Avoid Them With These Tips
13. Enthusiastic runners and happy tenants
14. Run for a Reason in the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON 2020
15. Digital Event Bag - exclusively for all participants of the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON 2019
16. Your personal photos ot the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON 2019
17. Meet the Legends @ the Hall of Fame
18. The BMW BERLIN-MARATHON Event Magazine



Pre-race fever is normal and will providing the necessary excited anticipation during the last days before the marathon. Our tip: Give your legs a break, especially on Saturday, and do your sightseeing tour by bus rather than on foot. With the app of the Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe (BVG), you can avoid annoying queues at the subway (U-Bahn and S-Bahn) ticket machines. On Sunday, your race number serves as a BVG ticket. Those arriving by plane should pack running shoes and clothes for the marathon in their hand luggage, just to be safe. We wish you a trouble-free journey, a pleasant stay in the capital and, last but not least, a successful and unforgettable run. Welcome to Berlin!


Race kit pick-up

During the MARATHON EXPO in the hangars of the former Tempelhof Airport, all participants must pick up their race documents (U6, station “Platz der Luftbrücke”). Avoid picking up your race documents on Saturday between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m., as there may be waiting times of up to one hour. If possible, pick up your race kits on Thursday or Friday, if you live close by or you get to Berlin early.
+ The race documents must be picked up personally by each participant; it is not permitted to pick them up for others or for groups.
+ The start pass and a photo ID (identity card, passport, driver’s licence) must be presented.
+ Each participant will receive a wristband at the race number pick-up, which must be worn until the finish line. This is to ensure that only registered competitors are at the start. The transfer of race numbers will lead to disqualification.
+ Every participant who has booked the option “clothing drop-off” will receive a transparent bag with the race documents. This is the only permitted into the pre-start area (Reichstag lawn) to drop off your clothing on Sunday. Backpacks, travel bags and suitcases may not be taken into this area.
+ Participants who have booked the poncho option will receive one after the finish. A poncho symbol is shown on the start number. Further information follows in point 3.
+ On Sunday, the race number entitles the holder to use public transport between 5:30 am and 10:00 pm.


Poncho or clothing drop-off

If you booked the option “Poncho” when registering for the race, you will receive your heat sheet poncho after the finish. Your race number is marked with a poncho symbol. In this case it is not possible to drop off your clothes and it is not allowed to carry bags to the event site! If you selected “clothing drop-off” when registering, you will receive a transparent bag with your starting documents and a sticker with the starting number to identify the bag. More info:  


For enviromental protection, all help is welcome

Sustainability is a hot topic. Young people are taking to the streets and demonstrating in order to try to get politicians to take action. But what can marathon participants do to make the running event as sustainable as possible? NEW this year at the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON is the active collection of the disposable cups at the refreshment points. The cups must be thrown into the container barrels in order to be recycled. It is also important to separate your trash at the garbage stations in the start and finish area help out the environment. We are relying on everyone’s help. And that´s the way it works.


The supporting programme

The supporting programme for the BMW BERLIN MARATHON 2019 goes from Wednesday to Saturday. TIP: Hall of Fame, MARATHON EXPO, GENERALI BREAKFAST RUN, Bambini Run presented by berlinovo, mini-MARATHON for schools, BMW BERLIN MARATHON Inline Skating, Ecumenical marathon service.


Interactive map

The BMW BERLIN MARATHON’s interactive route map makes it easy to see where and when the streets will be closed and opened again. It is available in three versions: For spectators, participants and residents.  


Your Finish Time Powered by BMW

A message from BMW:

Your BMW BERLIN-MARATHON 2019: BMW provides you a customizable poster of the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON. Furthermore, you will get a versatile sticker sheet with which you can easily individualize your poster. Create a very unique and personal memory of your run. Try it: Take the sticker sheet and posters at the BMW booth, run the marathon and then use the numbers on your sticker sheet to mark your finish time on the poster. In the meantime, have fun with the rest of the motifs!


Grab it. Drink it. Return it.

A message from adidas:

At the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON 2019 you’re not only taking part in the quickest marathon in the world, but also in one of the biggest running events in the world. Here records are broken, personal bests are achieved and new limits are defined. And, in addition to your sporting performance, you will also show the world that the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON is a sustainable running event. Because here we’ll be offering you ‘The Cup’ stations. Quench your thirst with our reusable cup, which you can simply throw into the designated boxes after use. The cups can then be used again at the next running event. So give something back to the environment by using The Cup. Grab it. Drink it. Return it.


Boost motivation with Giti Tire

A message from Giti Tire:

You want to cheer your personal favourite and give them a boost in motivation? Then the Giti Tire hotspot at kilometre no. 35 is just the place for you to be. You may design motivating posters at the booth and give the iron runners the extra nutrition for the remaining kilometres. Pop in, get creative and support your favourites and above all – have fun!


5 Tips to Plan Your Race Recovery Early

A message from Abbott:

Did you know good race recovery starts long before the finish line? Pamela Nisevich Bede, 23-time marathoner and dietitian with Abbott, title sponsor of the Abbott World Marathon Majors, offers tips to help you plan ahead:    
  1. Hydrate to regenerate
  2. Go for protein and carbs
  3. Avoid toxins 
  4. Keep muscles loose
  5. Lighten workouts 
Visit  for more race recovery tips and to learn how Abbott is making a lasting impact on health.


PowerZone: pick-me-up for tired legs

A message from ERDINGER Alkoholfrei:

Are you physically and mentally ready for your marathon? When the race slowly heads towards the home straight, your legs are getting heavy, and the will to succeed threatens to waver, that’s when a motivation boost is desperately needed. The ERDINGER Alkoholfrei PowerZone is the perfect pick-me-up at this stage of the race. As the athletes run through the distinctive blue arch, they’re driven on by pulsating beats, cheering crowds, and a professional cheerleader performance. With renewed energy, the runners are then ready for the final push.


5 Well-Known Runner´s Problems: Avoid Them With These Tips

A message from adidas RUNNING:

Running affects your body, your health and your mind positively, in many ways. On the other hand, running can also keep you from sleeping due to aching legs or can cause uncomfortable blisters on your feet. However, you can find out here how to avoid those well-known runners' problems.


Enthusiastic runners and happy tenants

A message from berlinovo:

Every marathon runner was once a child. That is why we are happy to support young running and exercise enthusiasts. Today, there are already many children at the start of the Bambini Running series, presented by berlinovo, who will one day take on the 42.195km challenge of Germany’s largest running event. We wish all the participants of the various sporting events a life-long enjoyment of running. The enjoyment of living with berlinovo – that is what our dedicated employees strive for every day, for the benefit of our tenants.


Run for a reason in the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON 2020

A message from realbuzz:

Be one of the first people to reserve a race entry in the 2020 BMW BERLIN-MARATHON by running for one of our official partner charities. Fundraisers receive a guaranteed place, and don’t need to apply for the race entry drawing. Visit the official charity listings below to find out how you can secure your entry and support a cause close to your heart.
Find your charity entry today at


Digital Event Bag - exclusively for all participants of the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON 2019

Are you a participant of the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON 2019? If yes, click here to receive your digital event bag with exclusive offers and vouchers from our partners. Please log in with the e-mail address you used to sign up for the BMW BERLIN MARATHON 2019.
Enjoy exploring your BMW BERLIN-MARATHON digital event bag!


Your personal photos of the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON 2019

A message from Sportograf:

Once again this year Sportograf will be on the road with more than 40 photographers along the entire route of the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON to capture your very personal highlight of the year! From the start to the finish line you will be photographed at the most beautiful spots of the course together with the famous sights of Berlin. Your photos will be professionally edited and put online within the shortest time. Easily find your pictures with your bib number and date of birth and relive the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON. Sportograf is really looking forward to capturing your personal moments of triumph so you can share them with friends and family! Just give it your best shot and Sportograf will take care of the rest. 


Meet the Legends @ the Hall of Fame

 In 2017, the Hall of Fame of the BMW BERLIN MARATHON was created to honour deserving runners. New “legends” are added regularly. This year’s additions are Christa Vahlensieck (winner of the Berlin Marathon 1977 with a world-best time) and Tegla Loroupe (winner of the Berlin Marathon 1999 with a world record). The mobile exhibition with life-size images of the athletes is located near the Brandenburg Gate.  Friday (Sept. 27), is a special night there when you get to “Meet the Legends” in person starting at 6:15 pm:
- Guinness World Records contenders
- new members of the Hall of Fame (see above), six-star hopefuls Joen Benoit Samuelson (first Olympic champion in the women’s marathon 1984) as well as Constantina Dita (Olympic marathon champion in 2008)
- Elite runners (e. g. Gladys Cherono and Kenenisa Bekele) of the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON 



With more than 100 pages, the Event Magazine for the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON provides you all of the important details, including information about the programme, the course and the supporting events. In addition, it includes interesting facts about the top athletes, entertaining participant stories and lots of Berlin tips. The event magazine is available as a print version at the MARATHON EXPO as part of the BMW BERLIN MARATHON or can be enjoyed here as an environmentally friendly online version.

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