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Put your feet up - you did it! Congratulations to all of the finishers of the 46th BMW BERLIN-MARATHON

Everybody talks about the weather, except for marathon runners. They just run and don’t let anything ruin the fun. All in all 44.065 runners finished the race - this is a completely new record. There was an incredibly exciting race for the elite runners, ultimately with an amazing time of 2:01:41 hours. Berlin is always good for a surprise. And even though the weather was rather mixed, hundreds of thousands of spectators lined the course to cheer on the runners.
Of course, we are perfectly clear that you all loudly announced immediately after the finish that you will never run a marathon again. Nevertheless, anyone who has since changed their mind can find out everything important about the 47th BMW BERLIN-MARATHON 2020 here, and the registration phase started on October 1. 


1. Results, certificates and videos
2. Registration started  for the 47th BMW BERLIN-MARATHON
3. Sports medicine: Please take part in the post race questionnaire
4. The 46th BMW BERLIN-MARATHON: BMW says, "Thank you"!
5. Berlin Does It Faster - Did you Do It Faster?
6. Giti Tire congratulates all finishers of the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON
7. Strong race - enjoy your personal moment! 
8. Experience your BMW BERLIN-MARATHON again - with photos by Sportograf
9. Special offer!
10. Finisher e-Magazine of the 46th BMW BERLIN-MARATHON 
11. Digital Event Bag - exclusively for all participants of the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON 2019!
12. Collect Your Stars


Results, certificates and videos

All results including the 5-km split times are listed in the results section on our website. You can also download the certificates here. Exciting videos from the marathon weekend can be seen here.


Registration started for the 47th BMW BERLIN-MARATHON

Registration for the 47th BMW BERLIN-MARATHON began on October 1, 2019. All important informations can be found here


Sports medicine: Please, take part in the post race questionnaire

The BMW BERLIN-MARATHON Medical Team is evaluating the results of the 2019 BMW BERLIN-MARATHON. This study is primarily designed to help prepare and optimize the medical care at future BMW BERLIN-MARATHON events. Please give us three minutes of your time – it is in your own interest! The 20 questions on our medical questionnaire for the 2019 BMW BERLIN-MARATHON can be found here:


The 46th BMW BERLIN-MARATHON: BMW says, "Thank you"!

A message from BMW:

Congratulations to all runners of the 46th BMW BERLIN-MARATHON 2019. Thanks to a capital, where you could feel lots of emotions and enthusiasm from the crowd. Never the less a big thanks to everyone who has contributed to a great running day in Berlin. Under partially difficult conditions and with the help of an enthusiastic crowd in the streets of Berlin, nonetheless we had a perfect running day in Berlin. We saw magnificent emotions which were felt on and besides the track; thanks Berlin! As one of the world´s biggest running events, the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON is pleased to host runners from all over the world, who run to the finish line under loud cheers of energetic spectators. BMW is excitedly looking forward to the next year in running with a lot of emotional moments and to a reunion with you all in Berlin in 2020. Until then, you can find more information about BMW Running at where you also have the chance, to win starting slots for 2020.


Berlin Does It Faster - Did You Do It Faster?

A message from adidas:

You have been training for a long time and have grown beyond yourself. And then came the moment when the starting gun was fired! In Berlin you made the streets of the capital your own.
In total, over 40,000 runners were at the start and you were one of them who can now call themselves a BMW BERLIN-MARATHON-Finisher. And for that we congratulate you!
It does not matter if you broke your personal best or you started your first marathon. With your performance, you have contributed to the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON one of the fastest and most important marathons in the world.
Share your best moments with us by using the Hashtags #berlin42 and #adidasrunnersberlin.


Giti Tire congratulates all finishers of the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON

A message from Giti Tire:

The steps on the asphalt, the cheering crowd and all the joy – Giti Tire wallows in memories and congratulates all finishers of the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON! The atmosphere especially during start and finish has left a lasting impression. The tire manufacturer is particularly proud of the successful participants of the Giti runners club. Those who are now totally exhausted and would like to take the car again are well-advised with tires of Giti – find out more:


Strong race - enjoy your personal moment!

A message from ERDINGER Alkoholfrei:

The perfect finish! After 42.195 km, the heroes of Berlin have successfully crossed the finishing line. And once again, ERDINGER Alkoholfrei prepared a triumphant reception for them. Now it’s time to savor the moment and start the regeneration phase – with an ERDINGER Alkoholfrei in its Lemon or Grapefruit varieties. Delicately bitter non-alcoholic wheat beer harmonizes perfectly with the fruity-fresh aromas of sun-ripened lemons and bitter-sweet notes of juicy grapefruits. And the refreshment duo uses exclusively natural ingredients, without any stabilizers or artificial additives.


Experience your BMW BERLIN-MARATHON again - with photos by Sportograf

A message from Sportograf:

Do you want to relive your highlights of the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON and share them with your loved ones? No problem! The photographers of Sportograf have spared no effort to capture your very personal story at the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON and record it for eternity. You at the Victory Column, you at Checkpoint Charlie, you in front of the Brandenburg Gate, you at the finish line - a whole photo package just for you. Take a look and get your pictures from the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON 2019 today! 
For the first time Sportograf present you the personalizable BMW BERLIN-MARATHON book.
The uniqueness of the book: You can choose your own pictures from Sportograf's Foto-Flat package and have them printed in several places in the book. In addition to the pictures of you, the printed book contains 76 pages including the thrilling race report and portraits of all the winners.
Try it out and be surprised!  


Special offer!

A message from

Buy your race video now – and save 50%. Download your video from 16 camera positions personalised with your name and finish time. Order now and pay € 9.95. Normal price € 19.90 . PLUS download your finish line video immediately to share on social media while your order is processed.

Finisher e-Magazine of 46th BMW BERLIN-MARATHON to be published on October 10th

So you still haven’t had enough of the 46th BMW BERLIN MARATHON 2019? Good - we haven’t either, so our Finisher e-Magazine will be published online on October 10, 2019 at On over 60 pages, we will be sharing an exciting review of the event with many photos and statistics from the 46th BMW BERLIN-MARATHON 2019. 


Digital Event Bag - exclusively for all participants of the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON 2019!

Are you a participant of the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON 2019? If yes, click here to receive your digital event bag with exclusive offers and vouchers from our partners. Please log in with the e-mail address you used to sign up for the BMW BERLIN MARATHON 2019. Enjoy exploring your BMW BERLIN-MARATHON digital event bag!   


Collect Your Stars

A message from AbbottWMM:

You can now claim your star from the 2019 BMW BERLIN-MARATHON at Create your profile here (  and search for your result ( Any other Abbott World Marathon Majors results you have run can also be added to your profile as you chart your journey from one star to six!

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