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The 2:01:39 Challenge App ist out - are you ready?

The #20139 Challenge will take place from September 26 - 27, 2020. Athletes from all over the world will compete to find out how many kilometers they can cover in 2:01:39 hours. This time corresponds to the world record set by Eliud Kipchoge in 2018 at the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON.

Be a part of the #berlin42united community and set your personal #20139 record. Have you already thought about your route? What are your goals? Also, the 20139 app is available today - download it now! If you are really looking for more motivation, take a look here. Enjoy!


1. Destination and course selection for your #20139 Challenge
2. Download the 20139 app now
3. Top athletes at the Siegessäule (Victory Column) live on rbb television
4. Faster than Kipchoge – possible on inline skates


Destination and course selection for your #20139 Challenge

The #20139 Challenge is to complete as many kilometers as possible in 2:01:39 hours during the period starting at 00:01 MEST on Saturday, September 26, until 23:59 MEST on Sunday, September 27 (The #20139 Challenge must be run in one piece). You should set your goal according to your current form. As with all sporting challenges, good preparation is the basis for success. If you are fit and healthy, then whiz to your heart's content. If you use the Challenge as a form test after your return to the sport or even as the first challenge in your career, be careful. Maybe you are a pleasure athlete and just like to spend 2:01:39 hours in a beautiful natural setting to recharge your batteries. If you complete your # 20139 Challenge in the city, please observe the applicable traffic regulations, as the streets are not closed during your challenge. These aspects should play a role in your choice of track. Depending on your goals, it is advisable to take a look at the course beforehand. If you need food in between but don't want to carry it yourself, you also have to consider this point (info: the #20139 Challenge has to be run in one piece, short breaks are of course okay, the app's challenge clock continues to run). Listen to yourself  in the morning of the #20139 Challenge and bring your goals in line with your physical condition. Do not take any health risks and respect the rules of distance and hygiene.


Download the 20139 app now 

Starting today, the free 20139 Challenge App is available for download for iOS and Android devices from the App Store and Google Play. It provides extensive support for your #20139 Challenge. In addition to the classic tracking and sharing functions, the app provides specific rankings. Furthermore, coordinated musical running charts and audio commentaries create a live experience worth listening to. At least half an hour before the start of the Challenge you should download the additional audio tracks in the app's warm-up area for free (preferably via WLAN). Start your Challenge whenever you want within the time period starting at 00:01 MEST on Saturday, September 26, until 23:59 MEST on Sunday, September 27. If it fits your schedule, we highly recommend the community start on Sunday. By joining others at 9:20 am MEST, you can experience the #berlin42united-Community feeling even more intensively by starting at the same time as many other challengers around the world, as well as our top athletes in Berlin.
Important: The #20139 Challenge must be run in one piece. Short breaks are of course possible, but the app's challenge clock continues to run. Register via the app or via the app's website. At you can also find your performance dashboard, ranking lists and additional hints. Further information about the # 20139 Challenge and the app is also available here.

App-Link for iOS-Mobiles 
App-Link for Android-Mobiles


Top athletes at the Siegessäule (Victory Column) live on rbb television and

The #20139 Challenge has also attracted top athletes. On September 27, 2020, a quartet of top German runners (Philipp Pflieger, Richard Ringer, Florian Orth, Johannes Motschmann) and a trio of inlineskaters (Katharina Rumpus, Felix Rijhnen, Ewen Fernandez) will attempt to beat the time of 2:01:39 hours over the marathon distance with a relay around the Berlin Victory Column. In addition, a women's team (Anja Scherl, Melat Kejeta, Christina Gerdes, Deborah Schöneborn) and a relay team made up of young athletes from SCC BERLIN will start as well (details will follow shortly).Due to the current virus situation, spectators can only follow this action online, which is taking place in compliance with current health regulations. The theme for September 27 is “The Somewhat Different Marathon Day” and will be broadcast live on rbb television from 9 to 11:30 am. There is also a live stream on and as well as follow-up reports in the various news formats of rbb television.


Faster than Kipchoge – possible on inlineskates

While the world's best runners would just be passing the halfway point of the course, the fastest inlineskaters will have long crossed the finish line at the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON. It took the Belgian Bart Swings just 56:49 minutes in 2015, and he has held the course record in Berlin ever since—a time that even Eliud Kipchoge can only dream of! On wheels, you too can easily take on Kipchoge at the World Record Challenge in the given time of 2:01:39 hours. Use the remaining days for a few extra laps on your skates. Train your endurance and improve your technique. Ewen Fernandez, winner of the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON 2011 and 2012 will demonstrate a few things to keep in mind during your training here.



A message from BMW:

What makes the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON unique for us? Its diversity and positive energy, which each individual runner brings to the course. We don't want to miss these stirring vibes this year. That's why, despite all adversities, we will bring you on Berlin's streets during the marathon weekend with the pictures you sent in for the SHARE YOUR PASSION campaign. What are we going to do with your highlight moments? Keep your eyes open on the official BMW BERLIN-MARATHON Facebook and Instagram channel. We are curious if you discover each other!

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