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One month to go to the GENERALI BERLIN HALF MARATHON (+ Inline Skating)

Since the last European Football Championship, at the latest, we have known that sport and nutrition go together. During the semifinals at Wembley Stadium, an Italian fan put up a large poster saying: "Stop putting pineapple on pizza.” It is well known that it is better for endurance athletes to eat their pizza after rather than before exercising, with or without tropical fruit. But what about fluid intake? Have you given that much thought?   


1. Proper fluid management
2. Join us for a deep dive into the fascinating world of sport
3. Maurten becomes the official nutrition partner of the GENERALI BERLIN HALF MARATHON


Proper fluid mangement

Before the starting shot is given for the 40th GENERALI BERLIN HALF MARATHON (+ Inline Skating) on August 22, you should know what your fluid management looks like for the event weekend. Go into the race well hydrated—this includes drinking an appropriate amount of fluids in the days before. Drinking while moving (whether running or skating) is a challenge. Practice it in training, there's still time. Tip: Our refreshment stations are several meters long, so don't go for the first cup right away to avoid having to wait. After you finish, reach for a drink immediately in order to initiate the best possible regeneration. And if you are already wanting more, visit, where we're giving away 47 race entries for the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON.
By the way: We are constantly updating our FAQs for the GENERALI BERLIN HALF MARATHON 2021. Check it out regularly and keep up to date.


Join us for a deep dive into the fascinating world of sport

ERDINGER Alkoholfrei informs

On the ERDINGER Alkoholfrei Active.Blog and our new online video format Active.Show, we discuss all things triathlon, running, cycling and swimming. We find the most emotional inside stories, take on sporting challenges and conduct product and fact checks to get to the bottom of those burning questions. Be inspired! 


Maurten becomes the official nutrition partner of the GENERALI BERLIN HALF MARATHON

Maurten informs:

Maurten has been used by the best runners in the world for years and has played a key role in Marathon record holder Eliud Kipchoge’s fueling strategy since 2018. Maurten uses hydrogel technology to create products with high concentrations of carbohydrates that are easier to tolerate, minimizing risk of stomach distress. Now, all GENERALI BERLIN HALF MARATHON runners will get access to exclusive pack offers designed for training and the race.
You can access your exclusive offers here.

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