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BMW BERLIN & Inline Skating: In one month it is time!

After the wonderful experiences at the GENERALI BERLIN HALF MARARTHON last weekend, we are now looking forward to the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON & Inline Skating. At the GENERALI BERLIN HALF MARATHON (by the way, the registration for 2022 opened yesterday) it became clear once again how important proper sports nutrition is. The topic of fluid intake is often neglected. Especially at the marathon distance, good hydration is a cornerstone of success. At the latest now, you should be learning how to hydrate properly.   


1. Drink smart and finish successfully
3. Maurice Lacroix will keep an eye on the time
4. #runforjoy motiviert!
5. Join us for a deep dive into the fascinating world of sport
6. Inline Skating has many health benefits
7. Kids, Kids, Kids


Drink smart and finish successfully

Well before the starting signal for the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON & Inline Skating is fired, you should have a plan for your fluid management for the event weekend. Go into the race well hydrated; this includes drinking an appropriate amount of fluids during the days prior. Drinking while moving (whether running or skating) is a challenge. Practice it in training—there is still time. Tip: Our refreshment stations extend over several meters, so don't try to grab the first cup right away to avoid waiting in a line. After your finish, it's a good idea to grab a drink right away to get your regeneration started in the best possible way. Every correctly disposed cup helps with our environmental management.
By the way: We are constantly updating our FAQs for 2021. Check back regularly and keep up to date.



BMW informs:

Finally, the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON is approaching in leaps and bounds and we can't wait to finally stand on the starting line with you again. So many lonely runs, efforts and uncertainties are behind us - now we are ready to turn those times into pure joy. You still lack the last motivation for your preparation? Then let yourself be inspired by our CRY FOR JOY love letter to the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON or by stories from the community.


Maurice Lacroix will keep an eye on the time

Maurice Lacroix informs:

Put on your running shoes, immerse yourself in the heart of the German capital, feel and absorb its rhythm, pulse and atmosphere in the course of your personal challenge: In four weeks, this feeling will finally become reality! Until then, it's all about training and intensively taking in every second until the big competition. As official timekeeper, Maurice Lacroix will keep an eye on the time for you and wishes you energy and, above all, lots of fun for your preparations! Follow the #PulseOfTheCity #YourTimeIsNow!


#runforjoy motiviert!

As part of our RUN FOR JOY campaign, we would like to help you prepare perfectly for the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON together with our title partner BMW - of course, this also includes the right portion of motivation! Together with our experts from the fields of medicine, nutrition and training, some marathon athletes and SCC EVENTS colleagues, we would like to support you with our vlogs and audio runs for the upcoming last weeks of training. Our Spotify playlist - compiled by you and other marathon runners - will provide the right sound for your training. For more motivation click here.


Join us for a deep dive into the fascinating world of sport

ERDINGER Alkoholfrei informs:

On the ERDINGER Alkoholfrei Active.Blog and our new online video format Active.Show, we discuss all things triathlon, running, cycling and swimming. We find the most emotional inside stories, take on sporting challenges and conduct product and fact checks to get to the bottom of those burning questions. Be inspired!


Inline Skating has many health benefits

Rollerblade informs:

According to studies, inline skating is one of the top three activities that improves or maintains physical fitness and general well-being. To achieve this, three training sessions per week are ideal, but any amount of skating will have both physical and mental health benefits. Inline skating is an effective endurance, strength and total body workout that inspires and at the same time promotes balance, coordination and agility as well as strengthens core muscles. In addition, the low-impact exercise has minimal impact on your joints. 


Kids, Kids, Kids

The Bambini Run presented by ADAC Berlin-Brandenburg and the Kids Skating competitions are always among the highlights of the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON. And even though a start in the usual form is not yet possible this year, we have come up with something special: Between September 23 and 26 you have exactly three days to run your very own Bambini-Run. You can run between 400 and 1,000 meters. It doesn't matter whether you run in running shoes, on skates or in your favorite shoes - the main thing is that you bring along a portion of fun. Where you do it is up to you. Choose your favorite park or your favorite street and complete your own personal race. You can find more information here.

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