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Follow the GREEN LINE!

It goes without saying that when so many participants come together for a major sporting event, it will also have an impact on the environment. Ecological responsibility and sustainable action are very important to us at the GENERALI BERLIN HALF MARATHON. Together with the WWF as our official charity partner, we are working on making our events more sustainable step by step. This will only work with your support!

Using the keyword GREEN LINE, we will now guide you to all information on the topic of sustainability and environmental protection. At the HALF MARATHON EXPO, together with WWF and our title partner GENERALI, we will be welcoming you to the GREEN LINE Lounge in the bib pick-up area.

Watch our trailer for the GENERALI BERLIN HALF MARATHON to get the final motivation boost!

If you want to follow the race live on the internet, click on our livestream.

Become a GREEN ATHLETE! We look forward to seeing you!


2. Donate running shoes and sports clothes in good condition
3. Exciting "green" news in the event magazine
4. Running for a good cause
5. Be curious about the participent bag
6. ERDINGER Alkoholfrei - your post-sport ritual
7. Running's just the half of it
8. Your perfect HALF MARATHON weekend at TITANIC Chaussee Berlin
9. Mall of Berlin Pasta Party



This year, for the first time, the lounge in the area where the race kits are handed out will be our sustainable information area. Here you will find, among other things:

We would especially like to recommend our GREEN Talks. Pro-runners and experts will give you an insight into how you can easily become a GREEN ATHLETE too. You can find the programme for the GREEN LINE EXPO stand during the event week here and on our social media channels.


Donate running shoes and sports clothes in good condition

Do you have any sports shoes that are in good condition lying unused in your wardrobe? Then turn them into a shoe donation and hand them in at the GREEN LINE Lounge at the HALF MARATHON EXPO. You can see how it works in our simple show "Together for more sustainability and solidarity at the GENERALI BERLIN HALF MARATHON".

Together with the Berliner Stadtmission, we are collecting well-preserved running shoes to give to those in need. The clothing store of the Berliner Stadtmission has an urgent need. Every day, up to 150 people - mainly men living on the streets - are provided with clothing and shoes here.

On race day, you will also have the opportunity to donate sweatshirts, hoodies, sweatpants, etc. in the pre-start area. Before the start, wear your selected clothing items over your race outfit to keep warm and turn them into clothing donations shortly before the starting shot by throwing the items over the bars or into the bins marked for this purpose.

But please remember: All donations should be in good and washed condition - as if you were giving them to friends!


Exciting "green" news in the event magazine

The event magazine is not only a great read when it comes to our top athletes, training advice and hot tips around the half marathon weekend. The topic of sustainability plays an equally important role here, too, under the keyword GREEN LINE.

In addition, the event magazine, which is now purely digital, is another example of one of the many small steps that SCC EVENTS is taking towards more sustainability. By going digital, we are saving a lot of paper and shipping.


Running for a good cause

Generali informs:

For our title partner Generali, sustainability also means social commitment. The Human Safety Net, Generali's global community initiative, supports disadvantaged families with small children. Be part of it, open your registration profile and make a donation there  to  enable new sports and exercise offers for children in the SOS Family Centre Berlin in Hellersdorf. 

Here you’ll find more about the social projects of The Human Safety Net


Be curious about the participant bag

adidas informs:

You are curious what will be included in the participant bag of the GENERALI BERLIN HALF MARATHON 2023? We are happy to announce that this year we will have an adidas shower gel from the new Active Skin&Mind series in the bag! For a race, proper preparation & regeneration after the run is especially important. The shower gel not only provides over 30% more skin hydration after showering, but also transforms pre & post exercise routines into holistic rituals.


ERDINGER Alkoholfrei - your post-sport ritual

ERDINGER Alkoholfrei informs:

Whether classic or fruity with lemon or grapefruit, the three non-alcoholic beverages from ERDINGER are refreshing and isotonic thirst quenchers which contain essential vitamins. All three are made from purely natural ingredients and provide perfect support for regeneration. Make ERDINGER Alkoholfrei your ritual and reward yourself after training for the GENERALI BERLIN HALF MARATHON!



Running's just the half of it

Maurten informs:


Bonking isn’t a rite-of-passage — it’s usually down to not fueling correctly. Dialing in how you’ll fuel your race during your training sessions could mean the difference between a 21.1km nightmare and a dream half marathon.


Maurten is the official Hydrogel Sports Fuel sponsor of the GENERALI BERLIN HALF MARATHON. Get 20% off your products when you verify your participant email address at checkout. 


Get used to it.


Your perfect half marathon weekend at TITANIC Chaussee Berlin

TITANIC Chaussee Berlin informs:

Your perfect HALF MARATHON weekend at TITANIC Chaussee Berlin!

Welcome to the TITANIC Chaussee Berlin! Start your day with a rich breakfast! 

After a successful race, relax at the BeFine Sports&Spa, a true wellness retreat with a wide range of  sports and recreational facilities. End your evening in our Pascarella Restaurant with a rich selection of  Mediterranean specialties from Parmigiana di Melanzane to "Paglia e Fieno al Tartufo" flambéed in  Italian hard cheese loaf with fresh truffle.


Mall of Berlin Pasta Party

Mall of Berlin informs:

The Mall of Berlin invites you to a pasta party on the occasion of the GENERALI BERLIN HALF MARATHON.
 When you show your start number, you get your extra portion of carbohydrates for free. 

Look forward to pasta and other event highlights for the capital city run. 

The first 200 runners get a surprise-goodie-bag on Friday abd Saturday. 

FR, 31.03.2023 17–20 Uhr 
SA, 01.04.2023 13–20 Uhr 

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